Meat 1F

In “Uchina” (Okinawa) there is a saying that you can eat every part of a pig except for the oink. Here you will find a unique food culture that is enjoyable even just to look at.

Ask the staff if you are unsure how to use or prepare anything you find here. You just might learn something new!
The delicious food of this meat market, Okinawa’s Agu pork, is renowned worldwide. It is popular for the refreshing flavor the fat gives the meat. The best way to enjoy it is definitely as shabu shabu. Okinawa Wagyu beef is made from cows raised in the stress-free tropical climate of Okinawa. It is best enjoyed as a steak.
The Yanbaru Wakadori chicken, prepared fresh each morning, is also nice and juicy!
You will want to try out the Hija (goat) sausages too, a rarity even around this area!

Refrigerated shipping available!

You can enjoy the great taste these shops offer even at home with these vacuum-seal packs! Think of how easy this will make eating rafute, tibichi, or mimigaa right at home! (Items can only be sent domestically!)

Seafood 1F

Taking a glance at the colorful Okinawan fish and shellfish on display, you might find yourself thinking “Can you even eat such tropical looking fish?” But it will only take one bite before you are convinced! The market offers a varied selection of fresh fish and shellfish caught all throughout the Okinawan islands.

*This is an illustrative photo of sashimi assortment.

I want to try eating some! The colorful Okinawa fish!

Parrot fish
This fish is normally eaten as sashimi and sashimi with the skin on is recommended.
〈 Parrot fish 〉
Coral trout
This is a luxury fish that is enjoyed as sashimi, boiled, and for creating a soup stock used in various dishes.
〈 Coral trout 〉

Fresh Produce/Herbs/Dried Foods/Alcohol/Other/Souvenirs1F2F

Welcome to the kitchen of Naha!

Here you will see and experience things you will find nowhere else. If you are after Okinawan cuisine, whether it be snacks or a Ryukyu delicacy, you will find what you are after here. Irabu (Okinawan sea snake), Okinawan leeks, Okinawan fish cake, sea grapes, it’s all here. You will find you can enjoy yourself even just taking a look at the culinary culture of Uchina (Okinawa).

Okinawan fish cake
Okinawan fish cake
Sea grapes
Sea grapes
Koregusu (chili sauce)
Koregusu (chili sauce)
Irabu (sea snake)
Irabu (sea snake)

Highlight Items

We have many shops offering samples to try!

Hiyashi Lemon

A drink made with Okinawa-grown shiikuwasha citrus fruit. Each sip is a mouthful of great, lightly sour flavor.

Coastal hog fennel

A medicinal herb said to bring longevity if consumed as tea. It has long been known in Okinawa as Nuchigusui, or life herb, for its high nutritional value.

Restaurant 2F

In the restaurant area on the second floor you will find traditional pork-based Ryukyu cuisine that has been passed down since the Ryukyu dynasty like nakamijiru soup and rafute, as well as more modern Okinawan cuisine with US influence from the post-war era such as pork & egg or taco rice. There is also a cafe that offers sata andagi, tropical juices made with fruit grown in Okinawa, and more, making it the perfect spot to relax and take a break.

Shabu shabu
Simmered fish

Buy some meat or seafood on the first floor to carry up and you can enjoy all sorts of dishes that aren't even on the menu! Macchoinbindo! We'll be waiting!


Hija [goat] soup
〈 Hija [goat] soup 〉
You might be surprised that soups in Okinawa tend to come in as big as ramen-sized bowls. They are great for sharing with family and friends! There is a wide variety to choose from, including squid or pork bone soups!

Chanpuru (stir-fry dishes)

Nabera [sponge gourd]
〈 Nabera [sponge gourd] 〉
Whether made with goya (bitter melon), tofu, or somen noodles, there are all sorts of chanpuru dishes. All of which go great with beer or Awamori sake! Try and find your favorite chanpuru!

Okinawan Comfort Food

Pork & Egg
〈 Pork & Egg 〉
Not just taco rice or Okinawa tempura, but also ketchup yakisoba made with Okinawa soba noodles! Eat this and you will feel like a “Uchinanchu” (Okinawan person) yourself!

Okinawan Sweets

Okinawa Zenzai
〈 Okinawa Zenzai 〉
Be it gelato made from Okinawan fruits, the sata andagi that are popular among all ages, or shaved ice topped with red kidney beans and dango to make Okinawa zenzai, all Okinawan sweets are worth trying!