History of Makishi Public Market

Makishi Public Market started out as a black market that naturally emerged shortly after the end of the war, before it was formally established in 1950. As an “ufumachi,” a major market of Naha, it has become a symbol of “machigwa,” the shopping streets of Central Naha, and has acted as a beloved kitchen for residents of the city and wider prefecture.
In more recent years, it has been a base for sharing Okinawan cuisine, drawing in tourists from around Japan and the rest of the globe to become the prefecture’s leading tourist destination.

Experience the Draw of the Market

The charm of the market undeniably stems from the people who make it up. You will hear a lot of talk about “shibun,” as customers try haggling for discounts and sales staff toss in freebies to show their appreciation. This friendly banter during shopping is an interesting sight to behold.

The market is also home to its own unique system in which customers can purchase ingredients of your choice from stores on the first floor and then bring that with them to have it prepared and cooked at the restaurant on the second floor. You will not want to miss the chance to eat authentic Okinawan cuisine made fresh with ingredients you picked out yourself!